February 24, 2010

How to: Wear Flannel Plaid

One of my friends on Facebook made a comment about how much she hates that people think that its so cool to wear flannel theses days. I responded saying that not all flannel is bad, but that got me thinking... how are people to know what is fashionable flannel and what is not? I think is is fun to re-invent a piece of clothing and wear it in a whole new way it keeps the trend wheels moving, the original function doesn't always need to be preserved (flannel shirts : warmth) we can always take our style back and revert to being a warm lumber jack. Fashion, and trends are fun and fleeting, don't put serious thought into them, just have fun with them while they're here.

The key is to not let the print, or size of the garment overwhelm you. show some skin, wear a legging or skinny jean, wear the top open with a tank underneath, wear a leather jacket or blazer over the flannel top. In other words don't do a boot cut jean with your tennis shoes and a flannel shirt, this will look bad. I also wouldn't recommend wearing a high heel with the outfit, a wedge or block heel maybe, but keep the shoe looking sturdy like the flannel.

The stars in their flannel, keeping things lean, and trim on the bottom half.

Jessica Stam

Mary Kate Olson

Kirsten Dunst

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