February 26, 2010

Gear up for Vegas (for under $150)

I have created 3 outfits perfect for a night in Las Vegas. Each outfit is under $150, this will allow more shopping bliss during the day in Vegas. Next time you're there remember to cut loose and have fun, that goes for your wardrobe too, try something that would normally scare you a little, or that feels a little stupid. No one is taken seriously there except for entertainers, so you have nothing to worry about. Have you seen their outfits???

Total cost: $113.19
jeans, shoes, tunic, and blazer are from Forever 21. The clutch is from Target.
Total cost: $104.70
Everything is from Forever 21.

Total cost: $133.19
jacket, shoes, jeans, and top are from Forever 21. The clutch is from Target.

Because of my love of the internet, I am slightly more confined by where I can choose pieces from, there are a lot of great sites out there, but for the price and style, the same two kept coming up. And trust me, I looked at a lot of sites.

here are some more of my (cheap!) favorites that were not quite right for this project, but I am sure you'll soon find some need for them.
oaknyc.com (the oak collection)
greatglam.com (great for vegas, but VERY painful to look at)

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