February 19, 2010

Follow me...

Hello my dear readers, I have been trying to use all the options blogger offers, one of them is "following". I would love if you could take a moment to follow my blog (publicly). This would help me know who my readers are, and exactly how many to help me keep up with supply and demand. It would also help me get to know you better, and personalize more posts, and feedback. As a follower you would also be able to connect with other followers and their blogs, that would share a common interest.

Most of you know how to "follow"
a blog already, if you don't I have included screen shots to help you out.

How To: Follow my blog

1. once you are looking at my blog, go to the top left corner, and click "Follow".

2. Once you click, a new window will pop up, that will look like this. please select the first option "Follow publicly", and click "Follow" at the bottom.

3. the window will change and read this...

You are now following my blog! THANK YOU!

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