December 1, 2009

How to: Decorate a Holiday Table

Yes, its the time for decorationg, cookies, family, turkey, presents, and the list continues... With the "to dos" never over, anything that shortens the list is AMAZING! Here are my simple steps to creating a holiday center piece for the table that will be packed, at least for the next month or so.

First. Find your style, and pick at least the top three elements in the style.

Here sre some examples of different styles:




Second. Look at your space, and decide the size that is practical for your entertaining.

Third. Take your "filler" such as garland, and arange in the designated space, adjusting the pedals, branches or whatever the filler contains. This is also the time to position lights, or candles (remember to decorate in odd numbers!). Filler can also be the third element.

In this wreath the fir is the filler and third element, the leaf the the second element and the balls are the first/main element.

Fourth. Take the third element (the one there is the most of) and evenly distribute through your "filler". Repeat the the second element (there should be less of this element that the third)

Fifth. Take your first element, the most important, the element that defines your style, and distribute as the main focus.

These are the basic steps that will give you a beautiful centerpiece, wreath, or mantle. As a basic rule, think in threes three different colors, textures, or elements ex. cedar, red berries, and a bow or fir, cedar, and leaves. So many combinations to try, get started!


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