May 21, 2009

finds on the web

My surfing excursion today has led me all over the map. I found beautiful new clothes, fantastical jewelry (kind of a lot of jewelry I guess), and some adorable pottery. I hope you enjoy!

Easy breezy pieces, I'll admit, they're a little hippy dippy, and you must be lean and on the taller side to wear them, but if you can, go for it, they're lovely.

I love this idea, how precious, its like crack to a romantic. The rings come in sterling silver and 14 carrot gold, they say "marry me" or "always".

Jeweled Blossoms
This is going my looooong list of I-want-its. Beveled glass and sterling silver in case your precious memory in this locket, be it a picture, a flower, or any other tiny thing.

Studio Make
Simple and special stoneware, this one is apart of their "flawed" collection. I always wish I needed more dishes!

Charmed Circle
So many choices, all different, there is one for everyone. Glamorous charms, bracelets, cuff links, and more. See which one speaks to you!

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