April 17, 2009

Vix, Eres, Huit, L Space, and Lucky Brand Swimwear!

Its that time again ladies! Time to dust off that swimsuit for the summer (unless you're on of the lucky ones that use it all year round! Oh Sunshine!). Here are my top pics, in the best styles for the season.

L Space - I want this one. It also comes in a aqua blue, fringe is going to be big for a while longer. Good for a bigger bum, and some boobs. - $135

Vix - great for a lot of body types (I'm into the sultry one pieces right now) - $134

Vix - great for petites, must have smaller boobs. Love the detail, always important - $166

Eres - SO cute, a little more selective body type, great for a long and leeeaaannnn - $575

Huit - Great for a fuller figure, graphic prints are always on trend for summer gear - $110

Lucky Brand - Good for a fuller figure or broader shoulders. Tye dye is back for now!- $128

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