March 11, 2009


I've never been a trendy wendy, or a trendster, but I've always tried to be "on trend". Meaning, I have a lot of the classic pieces, but then try to kick it up a notch with one or two trendy pieces. This is what I'm craving right now...

Love the print, classic shape

Flattering on almost anyone, remember it won't be this short on you, shes a model.

A little goes a long way

ooooh they'd sure look cute with this dress! Classic cut, fun print.

A nude wedge is classic, always flattering on the leg, and the wedge is always comfortable, its the only high heel I can work in!
Jeans, or a dress, this will go with all styles, day and night

Cropped has been in forever, the little worn is what brings it to now.
you can also wear this with more than you think, a classic gold, with a pop of turquoise.

Leather jackets, pair this one with the tye dye tee up top or the fun printed dress. this will stick around for years.

More ways to trend you your classicly versitile wardwrobe is with scarves, sunglasses, and hairstyles, change them with your outfits. Remember, just because you find it on a "trendy" site, doesn't mean its the right trend for you.

What is your trendy piece?

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