March 1, 2009

Take of your shirt!

Your tee shirt that is. That is the first step to recovering from the tee shirt epidemic. You know who you are... you're getting dressed, and you look at the sea of tees in your closet, and grab one. You're in a rut, you need something easy, affordable, and comfortable. Here are some NEW options for getting dressed.

Open Cardigan over a fitted tank or tee
More structured military cardigan to wear over a more flowy piece

adorable tunic!!! as long as you have a smaller cup size and can go strapless!

if you want a tee shirt go with one like this, a fun graphic, burnout, and a nice deep V

Sheer over sized tee, great color, pair it with a tank, and a fitted casual blazer of cardigan.

Great graphic tank great for a flowy open cardigan.

off the shoulder tee, just pair it with a tank!

You can still wear tees, but think of texture, pattern, and neckline. No more crew necks, or basic cotton, and don't forget your accessories, they make or break an outfit. Mix it up, you'll like it, maybe even love it! If you don't know it it works, post a picture, I'd be happy to help!

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