March 12, 2009

Dress by Numbers

Usually I would try to avoid math and numbers like the plague. But, in order to make my clients' life a little easier and help them develop their own fashion sense, I have to face the numbers. when an outfit is complete its 100% nothing can be taken off, and anything else on = too much 110%. You want 10 points of interest in your outfit (remember these are guidelines, to help you bump it up, or tone it down.) you count every seen layer, every button, every accessory, and shoes, pretty much everything except smooth solid fabric.

A couple more guide lines for some + and -

if you go at least 50% monochromatic, then you can afford to add a couple more points

if you go with 30% print to 100% print then you need to subtract some points.

In the following pictures I'll show you how many points they have and why it works starting at only a few points to a lot.

Jennifer has 13 points. it works because more than 50% of it is monochromatic, so she can afford the earings, and sunglasses

Ellen has 5 points, normally I'd say boring, but this works, however its not easy, it would be much easier to pull off Jen's look.

Sarah has 9 points, take one thing away, be it the broach, buttons, or color, and it looses it'd punch.

who ever this young hipster is has 8 points, I would like to see a large silver cuff bracelet on her and maybe some shoes with a little color or metallic. then I'd giver her 100%.

Models are not real people, but these outfits could be worn.
Model on the left is 100% 10 points almost too much because of the prints and textures ( you can't see the shoes, but you'd have to wear them)
Model on the right has 9 points, again almost too much because the metallic colored blouse, this would be a harder look in real life, but it helps your point counting skills!

Ignore the giant bag, and replace it with a smaller boho style black bag. Heidi has 5 points and that's good. think about the all over pattern, the beading on the bodice, the gladiators, (imaginary) purse, and sunglasses. She needs everything shes wearing, and nothing more. 100%!

Hope this helps you get dressed in the morning (or the afternoon like me!) if you want to know if an outfit works, email it to me,

Can't wait to hear from you!

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