February 17, 2009

Wedding Etiquitte

There is always a right and a wrong choice, this is seen everywhere in life. This also applies to etiquette. Now a days we have a hard time keeping up with the "please" and "thank yous", let alone ALL the other aspects that need to be covered.
For now, I want to focus on Wedding etiquette, at the suggestion of a lady who always remembers the please and thank yous.
Mostly it obvious who should pay for what, here are a couple twists that you may not know.

-For the wedding the groom should pay for the brides bouquet, the mother corsages, all the groomsmen and usher's boutonnieres, the officiant and rehearsal dinner. Everything else in the ceremony the Bride is responsible for.

-If you don't want kids at the wedding, for any reason it is best to leave their names off the invites, and mention an "adult reception". If you do have kids at the reception it is a great idea to have a "kid area" with coloring books, balloon animals, kid friendly snacks, and some great child care so the parents and relax a little.

-Cash only gift are considered rude, unless it is a destination wedding because of the added cost of shipping, unless you know otherwise. But be considerate and always include a gift receipt.

-Do no include where you are registered in the invite. This day in age you can include your wedding website, that has ALL your info on it.

-A lot of couples are paying for their own weddings/receptions etc. these days, either they are older, or have financial independence. In this situation the couple should work out how to split and divide the costs, or open an account with your combined funds for the wedding, this helps keep tabs on where the money is going.

If you have any further questions on wedding etiquette, just ask!

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