February 22, 2009

Spring in, Sale out?

Its practically spring, stores are filling up with flowy dresses and gladiator sandals but... the sales are STILL lingering here and there. I've been doing some scouting here in downtown Seattle and have found the best of the rest.

Shoe Fly (you can shop online... but there are better sales in-store)
Sway & Cake (for ladies only, 60% off!)

Kuhlman (guys and gals, plus custom tailoring)

Ian (great for guys, slim pickins for the ladies)
Rue (some great finds for ladies)
Nancy Meyer (Lingerie and Lounge wear

Online & in store (go in-store if you can, always better deals):

ShopBop.com (non-returnable, but great deals!!!)
Barneys (most online, dig for the awesome deals)
Banana Republic 20% of $100 and more (lots of great sale left)

Anthropologie most of the sale starts at 50% off (decor and clothes)
Betsy Johnson 30% -50% off

The best part is, I found the picture AFTER I talked about the flowy dress and gladiators! Enjoy, and happy shopping!

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