February 14, 2009

See My Valentine

I'm a sap, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I still make Valentines for all my friends, and boyfriends... *wink*wink*

This year I wanted something easy, and different, a combo of the new and old. So, I grabbed some red acrylic paint, blank note cards (always good to have on hand), a paint brush, wax paper, a quill pen, and ink.

First glob a lot of red (or whatever color) paint on your brush and paint hearts on one side of the folded card, however you like. Be sure to always have enough paint on your brush as to not leave brush strokes.

fold the card together to create an "ink blot" effect. Unfold, and let dry. Later, add a sweet little note to the front with the quill pen, such as "Be Mine", "You're Sweet", "Don't Break My Heart", "Hot Stuff", and the like.

Now you have the post-modern look for the abstract ink blot, and the old fashion quill pen strokes. I chose to also use the quill pen for the notes inside.

Ta Daaa!
Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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