February 2, 2009

Local finds

If you haven't checked out Etsy since my last Etsy post, then now is the time. I've been checking out the site, looking specifically for Seattle based artists. Here are some I adore. Make sure to check out the rest of the shop.

Because I always need more dishes ($28)

Beautiful earrings from Bellezza Jewerly ($18)

Adorable tote from the craft pantry ($16)

I am making a point to buy from the smaller retailers out there when I can. There are a few reasons to do so.
1) When buying from an individual you are buying their passion not just a "thing".
2) investing in the economy, its good no matter where you shop, this way is just a little more personal.
3) USUALLY you don't have to compromise on quality for price. Just make sure to read what the product is made out of.

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