February 5, 2009

The combo

Recently I've been in this crazy wedding circus. Most of my friends have decided to tie the knot in the coming months. Some of them have voiced their concerns about their hubby's beloved "stuff", all the stuff that filled his apartment, that maybe has more sentimental value, than any other "value". Not to say it's all junk, but you know that he has some things that will unfortunately not fit with the newlywed abode. When I say "unfortunately", I mean "thank goodness we're not decorating like a bachelor". Then on the flip side I'd sure you have something uber girly, that will not thrill him, however adorable it may be. Here are some step-by-step tips to make the house both of your homes.

1) I have said this before, and this goes for all areas of style. Shop your home, walk through each area and pick out pieces, either set them aside, or put a post-it on them. Chose the pieces that you love, think of quality and how they can be adapted for other styles. This means furniture, artwork, and decor pieces. Save smaller accessories and books for later. Ask him to do the same to his place (it may take a little push for him to get into it).

2) Now swap places, you may both be surprised at the things that were and weren't chosen. You must keep an open mind for this step, try to think if you can paint it, re-frame it, cover it or anything else to work it in to your new home. Remember these are all things that you each love.

3) If you have a new home ready to move in to then this is the time to draw up a floor plan using the combined pieces you have kept. Make a note of the new pieces you need to look for. If you do not have a floor plan to work with yet then hold off, try not to get caught up in the excitement by running out and buying everything you think you need. (remember all the wedding gifts!)

4) When it comes time to go and buy those needed pieces (the big ones) make sure you both go, you need to try beds, couches, dining chairs, etc., together.

5) Now all the small accessories, keep them necessary, stylish and practical. When purchasing, look for organized storage pieces, and clean lines for smaller accessories.

If you follow these steps then you should feel more at home together, and save money, by not wasting it.

Maybe enough for a second honeymoon?

Here are some examples...
You need some scent to fill the room? might as well be stylish. (Ikea $2.99)

Still have those magizines, CDs, or DVDs? Hide them away for clean neat storage. (Ikea $7.99)

Holds your books and favorite things in a neat manner (West Elm $119.00)

Simple, great use of a nook. Lots of colors and styles could play in here.

I love this book shelf, I just wish I needed another one! color coded it can also look like more of a decor piece than actually functional. (West Elm $169)

Let me know if you need anymore tips, or help in this area.

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