January 11, 2009

The wedding dress

Not THE wedding dress, you know the white, poofy, princess dress we all think we want (more on that later)
The dress I'm talking about is the little dress that you pull out for weddings. It doesn't do much else, maybe a dinner party or two, its not the dress you wear to work, or on a date. Its cute, stylish, not too showy, or skimpy, its juuuust right.

Today I am going to a friends wedding, and thinking what to wear has been tough. I need to look good because all my old school mates will be there that I haven't seen in years. There is not enough time to go shopping, so I need to work with what I have.

Here are some great picks for your next wedding.
(clockwise: Sari Gueron, Black Halo - Check out the rest of this local boutique, David Meister, Banana Republic, and Donna Karen) Don't forget the shoes, go for a classic pump or peep toe, keep them simple like a Christian Louboutin, Paolo, or Stuart Weitzman. I know that not everyone can afford these brands, but keep thier style in mind when shoppin at a lower price point.

This is what I'm doing... Plus Grey tights and a pearl necklace

I know some of you are thinking "I'm not going to wear a dress or pumps, too uncomfortable." Thats where I'm going to give you some tough love and say suck it up, practice makes perfect when you're talking about dresses and pumps. Look for a comfortable knit, not too tight, and a reasonable heel for starters.

What is your go to wedding get up?

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