January 11, 2009

Practice makes perfect!

I know its a little early, but sometimes things need planning. I don't mean that you should throw spontaneity out the window, a lot of times that is the most romantic part of everyday, but maybe sometimes it ok to mix the two. By the way... I'm talking about Valentine's Day.

Here are a few of my favorite things for Valentine's day, great to receive in any combination.

This book is hilarious. My Best friend bought me the "XXX" version. the book is full of kitschy adorable pictures of guys reading "Pride and Predjuice" and saying "buy both purses, you deserve'em!" and "I just don't get this whole supermodel thing" and "Lets let a professional fix it" very endearing. Plus no actual "porn" involved.

Beautiful flowers by Martha

Personalized Champagne bottle

Must watch Moulin Rouge, just make sure you have a pick-me-up for the end!

Beautiful Silk Chimese, the best money can buy, all hand made.

Every girl loves Tiffanys!

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