December 29, 2008

Staying ahead of the curve

The curve in this case is not for grades, but for fashion. The fashion curve. Always months ahead. I know its cold, the new year's here, and you're trying to take a breather. Here is one more thing to think about. Helping to wipe the slate clean for 2009.

I usually do this before Christmas, so I have a clean, neat space for my new treasures.

1. Take a look through your house at your furniture, small appliances, dishes, lamps, and other decor. Ask yourself "would I buy this again?" if the answer is "no" then donate, sell, or trash it.

2. Closet time. Ask yourself the same thing as the first, then try to remember the last time you wore it. Last season? Last decade? if its a summer top but you haven't worn it for the past 3 summers (you make the time deadline, I recommend that if you haven't worn it for the entire season, then its time) then tailor, donate, sell (works best on designer pieces of course), or trash it.

3. Cleaning the slate, house, or apartment, whatever you have. Do the usual cleaning, then the shower, vacuum the awkward corners, dust the tipy-tops of the shelves, behind the microwave, you get it. I'll make a post later on all the quirky places to clean... stay tuned!

Once you do these three, your home will be gutted, and clean. its like a full body cleanse. And no this is not the same as Spring Cleaning. That comes in February...

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