November 15, 2008

When did SALE become a 4-letter word?

Walking through the city I notice just about every store is having a sale. Not a half-yearly, or a floor model, or a promo, but a “SALE!”. As I have seen from my years of experience in retail sales are planned and scheduled. When a customer comes in and asks you are able to say “between May and June” and “November and December” this is the norm. But now a days with everyone “buckling down” they’re afraid to shop, so the stores are suffering. If they don’t sell enough, then they can’t buy enough and the designers are left with tons of product that they in turn have to try to shove out the door. That’s another story all together.

I have told customers “we’re having a special sale this weekend, make sure to check it out!” and they respond one of a few ways, “are you going out of business?”, “what’s wrong with it?”, “oh ok.”, or “great!”, the first three are usually accompanied by a “eeeeeeew” look. When did a sale become a 4-letter-word?

All these sales happening right now are good for you. Same clothes that you want, just cheaper, nothing wrong, just a lack of people wanting to shop. Retailers want customers so bad right now that if you just keep your eyes and ears open you’ll find some amazing deals on new merchandise.

Go to your favorite shops, if they’re not having a sale then ask, I’m sure something will come up soon. Don’t be afraid, go and spend some money!

Check out these great sales Barneys, Nordstrom, Sway & Cake, Kasala there's more to be had, just go look!

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