September 20, 2008


A lot of you I'm sure have heard that Dwell created a line for Target earlier this year.  Having examined the designs and prices I have found that, say for a comforter set you will save at least $100 going with target.  Not kidding, I found that it was around a 45%- 70% price difference.  Now let me say what you all are thinking... different quality, prints, and selection... true.  But also potential for HUGE savings, and heres a good idea... mix them Dwell with Target Dwell and they won't know what's going on!  Here are some inspiration pictures to get you in the mood to Dwell.

If it weren't for the fancy props and photography, I don't think you could tell who's who!  By the way that was --- dwell, target, dwell, dwell, target

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