September 26, 2008

My mind's eye

Traveling.  Don't you love it?  Seeing new places trying new things, everyone has their reason.  For me, I love the architecture.  I can remember everyplace I've been be the buildings, not the food, activities, culture, or even my experiences.  but if you say Austria, I see pastels, window boxes, all stack crammed and smushed.  When I come home and look at all my pictures of any given trip (even the little getaways to Portland OR) 95% are building, interesting facades, colors, oddities, whatever seems noteworthy, the other 5% is my boyfriend posing in front of a cool building, or some times a tree (I do love trees!)  I thought I'd share a few pictures I keep in my mind.  None of these are mine seeing as I still love a 34mm most of the time for my travels.

Salzburg, Austria (just beautiful, I'd love to go back)

Bergen, Norway (it looks like it is slowly sprouting houses not trees.  Very fresh, real, and alive in this little town)

New York, New York (the tallest buildings I'd ever seen, reaching for miles closing in on you!)

Oslo, Norway (a little more modern than the rest)

Prague, Czech Republic  (my all time favorite place in the world.  Buildings from every era.  Gothic -like the large church in the picture, to "modern".  Love it!)

Thank you for all the lovely pictures!

September 23, 2008

The ABCs of Paris

Heres a lovely post I found on Black*Eiffel.  How Clever!  Finding letters on your walks in Paris.  I know its got me thinking over here in Seattle, maybe I be posting something similar soon... just not as fabulous as Paris or as clever as Marc.  Good luck getting the book published Marc, I know I'd buy it!

See more of Marc's work


September 20, 2008


A lot of you I'm sure have heard that Dwell created a line for Target earlier this year.  Having examined the designs and prices I have found that, say for a comforter set you will save at least $100 going with target.  Not kidding, I found that it was around a 45%- 70% price difference.  Now let me say what you all are thinking... different quality, prints, and selection... true.  But also potential for HUGE savings, and heres a good idea... mix them Dwell with Target Dwell and they won't know what's going on!  Here are some inspiration pictures to get you in the mood to Dwell.

If it weren't for the fancy props and photography, I don't think you could tell who's who!  By the way that was --- dwell, target, dwell, dwell, target

September 14, 2008

bountiful booty

I've been on a treasure hunt...  Look what I found!

I love these looks the juxtaposition of modern/glam.  I could defiantly live in all of these!


September 8, 2008

DIY Paint by Numbers

Presents. Who doesn't love them? I love giving, and receiving gifts. I have a lot of nieces and nephews so there is always a birthday around the corner. Last week such an occasion arose, and I decided to go the creative route.

I made a "paint by numbers" set for her. All horses, her favorite. One thing is different with my set though, I labeled each crayon (easier clean up than paints) with a number corresponding to the drawing instead of a key. Shes 5, its a little easier, Happy Birthday baby!

First I had to draw it

Then I had to ink the drawing and number the sections

Then I numbered stickers to roll around the crayons (the stickers were meant to label floppy disks!)

The complete package, a clear carrying case with a separate zippered crayon pouch, and the drawings in a pink striped plastic folder.

it took me about 2 hours and $10 Hope you like it!

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