August 7, 2008

A Portland loft

I always enjoy a quick trip to Portland. Its only 2 1/2 hours away os its easy to go down for just a weekend. On my last trip there I was able to see the loft of two of the most fabulous people in the city. For years they gave each other gifts of art, a new painting, sculpture, so now their loft is an ever changing work of art. I took some pictures and here they are!

Entry - the door is down a small hall packed with art on the right

Are those twigs on the table? No, they're glass twigs wrapped with twine and thread (the red)

closer up on the living room area, behind the large plate on the wall is a small home office

A wider shot conecting the living to the entry, and you can almost see on the right edge, the more intimate living space the couple uses for quiet time together. (see the sea urchin sculpture? You can take it apart and put it back together in a different shape!)

Kitchen- if you couldn't tell. Very sleek, modern, and still cozy.

on the rooftop- they have a huge outdoor cooking area too! (and yes that is a glass crate)

it looks cool and they're benches for the seating on the roof, they also had two other styles of chairs, and a beautiful view of the city.

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