August 30, 2008

Fashion Classics

10 Fashion classics for fall and forever...


Pointed black heels

Clean cut suit


Tailored cotton (perhaps a bit of stretch) shirt

Trench coat


Cashmere wrap

Cocktail dress

Boot cut jeans

Stay tuned for fashion "dos" for fall

August 24, 2008

For the quirky home

Here is a fun post for a very rainy afternoon in Seattle. Quirky items found at Huset online. Love it.

Rocker Chair

Foosball Towel Rack

Ski Chair

Joined at the hip vases

Wooden tea set

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday taste of quirk!

August 20, 2008

Whos Who?

After my recent post on design and designer housewares I decided to do the same for clothing and accessories.

There are the high-end and the not-so-much, both are very cute. try to guess who's who, then at the bottom, test your guesses!

Chloe bag $1860 Nine West bag $54
Forever 21 $4.80 Marc by Marc Jacobs $68
Roberto Cavalli jacket $2753 Nordstrom BP jacket $68
Forever 21 earings $3.80 Betsy Johnson earings $35
Michael Kors sweater $995 Nordstrom BP sweater $38


Thank you Kirtsy fans! As some of you know, I love a hot steamy mug of Kirtsy in the morning. So thank you for your interest in my little site and I hope you enjoy today's post!

August 18, 2008


Shopping in Seattle. It has most definitely grown over the years, but there is still room for improvement. My favorite boutique that is unique in filling a niche is Ian. Found between Downtown and Belltown on 2nd Avenue or in Fremont, Ian is first to carry modern individualist lines such as Bailey 44, Modern Amusement, and soon in the Downtown location there will be a large G-Star shop. Here are some pictures I took on a recent trip. Enjoy!

August 15, 2008

Design and Designers

Great designs from big chain stores, to high-end designers. Can you tell who's who?

Here are some great places to look around the net for some unique designs.

West Elm * Three Potato Four * Crate and Barrel * 3 Rings * Anthropologie * Urban Outfitters

August 8, 2008

Great Jones Home

This store you walk by you say "oh cute" then you walk in you say "wow" there are so many pieces to look at. I stole a couple minutes with one of the lovely ladies to ask what separates them from other home design stores. She said that its open to the public, the fabrics are unique and they have fabulous finds. Some finds are too fabulous to be used together, tip: try mixing and matching pieces from your other favorite stores, clean and simple with boho eclectic. The store has vendors from all over the world, combining new and antique pieces, with a lot of custom work done by the store's designers. Jones is modern, chic, unique, eclectic, fun, and stylish packed in to one space. Next time you're in Seattle, stop by Great Jones Home and soak up some beauty.

I hope you feel the same about this downtown boutique!

August 7, 2008

A Portland loft

I always enjoy a quick trip to Portland. Its only 2 1/2 hours away os its easy to go down for just a weekend. On my last trip there I was able to see the loft of two of the most fabulous people in the city. For years they gave each other gifts of art, a new painting, sculpture, so now their loft is an ever changing work of art. I took some pictures and here they are!

Entry - the door is down a small hall packed with art on the right

Are those twigs on the table? No, they're glass twigs wrapped with twine and thread (the red)

closer up on the living room area, behind the large plate on the wall is a small home office

A wider shot conecting the living to the entry, and you can almost see on the right edge, the more intimate living space the couple uses for quiet time together. (see the sea urchin sculpture? You can take it apart and put it back together in a different shape!)

Kitchen- if you couldn't tell. Very sleek, modern, and still cozy.

on the rooftop- they have a huge outdoor cooking area too! (and yes that is a glass crate)

it looks cool and they're benches for the seating on the roof, they also had two other styles of chairs, and a beautiful view of the city.

August 6, 2008

ok ok here it is

I just got this... a quiz that is floating around right now. Enjoy and feel free to laugh at my answers

What are the last 4 things you purchased?

  1. Earrings
  2. movie ticket
  3. gas
  4. fruit

What are the last three songs you downloaded?
  1. 'Samson' - Regina Spector
  2. 'The Funeral' - Band of Horses
  3. 'I Want Candy' - Bow Wow Wow (Kevin Shields Remix)

Where were the last three places you visited?
  1. Sacramento
  2. New York City
  3. Portland OR

What are your three favorite movies?
  1. The Lord of the Rings
  2. Mama Mia
  3. Some Like it Hot
What are your three favorite possessions?
  1. Macbook
  2. iphone
  3. My Boyfriend... just kidding, I don't OWN him. So I'll say my antique jewelry box
What three things can you not live without?

1. Music
2. Love
3. Delicious foods

What would be your three wishes?
  1. Give my parents anything they wanted
  2. have a happy life with a husband, babies, and a beautiful house (someday...long time)
  3. to be able to give anyone I wanted a swift kick in the hiney... for one reason or another

What are three things you have not done yet?
  1. Gone to France
  2. Been to a black tie party
  3. Bought a house

What are your three favorite dishes?
  1. Any dish with ice cream... or just ice cream
  2. A good Morton's Steak
  3. Creamy pasta dishes

What three celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?
  1. Brad Pitt (duh)
  2. Anne Hathaway (we'd be best friends)
  3. Julia Roberts (once friends)

Name three things that freak you out.
  1. Spiders
  2. Lugies
  3. Pink and red together

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
  1. GORGEOUS! just kidding... loyal
  2. Talented
  3. A-lot-o-love
Name three unusual things you are good at.
  1. I can make my entire scalp move with my ears.
  2. I CAN stand up for myself and others... sometimes I forget though.
  3. Holding my breath under water (1 min)

What are three things you are currently coveting?
  1. New music
  2. Small desk
  3. A Sue Wong dress for Vegas!
What three bloggers would you like to tag?
  1. Girl Meets Glamour
  2. Interior Divine
  3. Design Sponge

August 5, 2008

IKEA spreea!

Have you looked at IKEA lately? Well, I just got the 2009 catalog in the mail, and they have some really cute new stuff! Here are my favorites...
Jewerly Tree $4.99
3 drawer chest in off-white and blue $299

2 pillow covers $14.99

Scented candles 3 for $9.99

Metal and glass candle holder $2.99
2 boxes $7.99

There are lots more to be found, if you want some cheap cute stuff!

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