May 20, 2008

A new use for the "Ball"

For the “Ball” jar that is. I love consistency, organization and visual appeal. When they can be combined, its heaven.

I purchased about twenty different sizes and brand canning jars at thrift stores. at .25 cents to $1 a piece they are way more cost effective than conventional organizational containers. I tried to find the oldest looking ones I could, I think they have more character. They went through the dishwasher and completely dried.

I then unloaded my pantry to access where to begin. I matched products according to quantity and jar size. the salt got a smaller jar and the brown sugar needed a large jar. You also have to think about when do I need to buy more? Will there be enough room left if I choose the small jar? As you can see from the picture, I chose a large jar for my oats even though its only 1/3 full, I’ll be restocking soon. Thats another reason why I love this! I can see exactly how much I have of the product, instead of guessing from inside a cardboard box. Here are the 5 step directions to what I think is the easiest DIY project with the highest impact.

You will need: Scissors, roll on glue (or try whatever you have on hand), a pen, and canning jars

1. Empty product into chosen jar.

2. Lay empty product container flat (same for paper and plastic)

3. Place inner lid on top of the product label and trace around

4. cut slightly on the inside of the traced circle

5. put a dab of glue (roll-on preferred) on the center of the lid and place cut out on top.

The outer ring frames the product label and should be screwed on tight to the jar to keep air out. When you need to which out the product just remove the current product cut out and start again! I hope you enjoy the project and the result as much as I do!

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