May 23, 2008

A higher purpose

Shower curtains.  Often over looked as function over form.  But think about this.  I always encourage you to raise your drapes starting at the ceiling, but what about those drapes in the bathroom, the shower curtain? I say yes!  

Why stop there? Use actual drapes for your shower curtain, don’t forget the plastic liner of course.  Standard shower curtains are only 72” long, this will work for lower ceilings, but for the 9 or 10 footer, it callsfor layering or a 92” drape.  It will be a littlemore expensive than a regular shower curtain, but will give the room a lavish luxurious feel.

As for the extended plastic liner, you may be able to find a 92”, but if not, buy two, cut the desired added amount off of one (plus 2 inches) and with a waterproof plastic adhesive (found at hardware stores) lay a line of glue on the width of the smaller strip then lay the full size liner on top with an overlap of about an inch or so let dry for the instructed amount of time.  Hang when dry with the glued flap facing down so it will not collect water.  There are many ways to hang your new drapes and liner depending on the style that you chose.

1.  Rod pocket drapes = “S” hooks for liner 

2.  Tab top drapes = “S” hooks for liner 

3.  Tie top drapes = looping each back tie through the liner hole/grommet

4.  Cafe curtain = looping the back of each cafe ring through the liner hole/grommet

5.  Grommet top Drapes = “S” hooks for liner hooking invisibly on the back side of every weave of the                           grommets.

Any Questions?  It may sound a little daunting, but I promise it’s not.  Let me know you need help.

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