May 25, 2008

Into the woods

Happy Sunday everyone! For me Sunday means that I have a little time to kick back and catch up on my magazine reading. On my table right nowI have the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, I love getting her mags mostly for the beautiful prop photography.

In this issue they have an article called “Sticks & Stones” all about how to decorate with them. I loved it! First, another thingabout me and my personal style that I try to incorporate into my clients’ decor is my love of nature. I think having a little bit in the home with you adds a peace and harmony, it also reminds meto go outside and enjoy it! Please read the rest ofthe article and look at the rest of the natural beauties. You will see natural elements with theirearth tones, and rugged textures combined with clean fresh lines, polished wood next to bark. This article is definitely going into my “Favorites” binder. If you don’t already have a “Favorites” binder full of fashion, decor, and photos that inspire you, I suggest you start one.

It will make things much easier when I come knocking!

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