June 2, 2008

Sex and the City

Everyone and their mothers are blogging about Sex and the City or odes to it.  I want to say a couple of things about it too.  Let me first say that I went to see it opening day with my boyfriend and his friends.  We sat in the third row.  The reason I never go and see shows opening day anymore, its not worth it.  At least $10 a ticket, hoards of estrogen and bad shoes, and even worse seats packed into one room.  Not worth it.

The movie I thought was good.  Don’t get me started with those dresses!  Cute and I think it lived up to the fan hype.  I do have a few problems with it though, and don’t worry, no spoilers.

1.  All the name dropping

           Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Doir, Vera Wang, the list goes on...  I think that if something is truly fabulous, you shouldn’t have to name it, its not a commercial, its  movie.  There were some beautiful clothes but love them for the cut, color, and texture, not the name.  Its lame, and doesn’t show much taste, just that you are able to buy a label. 

2.  Hair dying       

 I get why, but it sure makes the acting much easier when you can just dye your hair to portray your feelings.

3.  Samantha’s “happy” ending

These where my biggest problems with the movie.  If you are not a fan you will still enjoy it, just be prepared for a lot of skin, Samantha style.

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Have fun!

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