June 4, 2008

How To: Induce fear before saying a word

Giving you a “how to” on adopting the classic persona.

I understand that it is important to be a strong woman, but do you really need to scare people?  Examples for this classic persona can be found in so many places, old and new.  As we see clearly in Cruella De Vil Disney’s classic “101 Dalmatians” that eye brows are crucial.  Good style is also intimidating as we see on Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada”  The right shoes and structure can show superiority.

Another fictional character, or rather another “cartoon” is The Queen in “Snow White” although there is nothing animated about her.  She again emphasizes the importance of a strong brow, and a killer wardrobe.  However nothing says scary like holding a heart in a box!  

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing Eve Harrington in “All About Eve” has that down.  even though shemay not look evil like the Queen, she has some obvious traits that she uses to her full advantage.  She takes care of her appearance, she is pretty (a weapon in every woman’s arsenal, wether you use it or not).  She like Miranda Priestly, is stylish and pulled together.  One last thing that strikes fear is the power to be pale and pasty,  none of our ladies here have a tan, becaushow can you be scary with a beautiful tan?

Mrs Danvers in “Rebecca” could teach us a few things about the strong silent type.  Neat and prim, hair up tight seems to also be a common thread.  

I think all the ladies can agree that you need to be strong and confidant.  The traits that these classic personas have are desirable.  You want to be pretty, have nice eyebrows, a killer wardrobe, be put together, and authoritative when need be, but be careful because when all of these powers are combined it can defiantly induce fear.  If you’re missing any of these traits or you just want to be extra scary just slap on a German accent!

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