June 29, 2008

A new view

All little girls dream of their wedding. I don’t want to be cliche so I’l say most little girls dream about their wedding or at least their wedding dress. For a long time (5 years or so, a century in fashion time) the popular style was strapless. although it is still hailed as a “classic” style, I say nay. Strapless can only be worn successfully by 5% of women. Not only do you need to be thin, but you can’t be too thin, you need some boobs, but not too much, nice shoulders, nice skin, toned arms, and on top of that you need to be comfortable wearing strapless. Many brides I have seen ignore at least one of these guidelines. It is like they have forgot about all other necklines and went to a “strapless only” store. Disregarding that they would not normally were strapless on a regular day, but all of a sudden it “perfect” for the most important dress? That's enough on my rant, and if you did get married in a strapless I’m sure you were in the 5% with taste and sense.

In the summer quarter issue of inhabit, the best of the Pacific Northwest (unfortunately, I was unable to find the article online) there is an article featuring necklines other than strapless. That is their point, that neckline hard to wear and feel comfortable in for your day. You can imagine my happiness at seeing this spread sharing my passion!

Here are some larger than life dresses (none of which are strapless). we've all seen the "typical" dress, so here are a few to end your week full of inspiration, no not to get married, but for beauty whether you like it or not.

Plaza Suite *My favorite!

*all gowns found on brides

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