June 29, 2008

A new view

All little girls dream of their wedding. I don’t want to be cliche so I’l say most little girls dream about their wedding or at least their wedding dress. For a long time (5 years or so, a century in fashion time) the popular style was strapless. although it is still hailed as a “classic” style, I say nay. Strapless can only be worn successfully by 5% of women. Not only do you need to be thin, but you can’t be too thin, you need some boobs, but not too much, nice shoulders, nice skin, toned arms, and on top of that you need to be comfortable wearing strapless. Many brides I have seen ignore at least one of these guidelines. It is like they have forgot about all other necklines and went to a “strapless only” store. Disregarding that they would not normally were strapless on a regular day, but all of a sudden it “perfect” for the most important dress? That's enough on my rant, and if you did get married in a strapless I’m sure you were in the 5% with taste and sense.

In the summer quarter issue of inhabit, the best of the Pacific Northwest (unfortunately, I was unable to find the article online) there is an article featuring necklines other than strapless. That is their point, that neckline hard to wear and feel comfortable in for your day. You can imagine my happiness at seeing this spread sharing my passion!

Here are some larger than life dresses (none of which are strapless). we've all seen the "typical" dress, so here are a few to end your week full of inspiration, no not to get married, but for beauty whether you like it or not.

Plaza Suite *My favorite!

*all gowns found on brides

June 25, 2008

Awkward spaces

Many of us live with awkward spaces. Be it a row apartment, a studio, one room working as four, a funny landing or alcove. We all have some space we’re not quite sure what to do with. A lot of us stash our other awkward things in the awkward space making it a “storage space” of mish mosh. Take that space and define it. Here are the questions to ask before you start.

1. What function do you need this space to serve? (office, playroom?)
2. Who will use it? (and how many)
3. How much money do you have to spend? (shopping through your house? or the showroom?)
4. When will you use it? (day, night?)
5. Why do you need this space? (are you sure this is the best use for the space?)
6. Where is it in your house, does it make sense? (is your new library going to be next to your TV?)

Here are a few basic guidelines and tips:

1. Define your space - try painting with an accent (like the colors around the spaces above), special lighting, or an area rug
2. Get furniture that fits - an awkward space = an awkward size if it fits it looks like it belongs
3. Make sure everyone knows what the space is for - if its a reading nook, the kids should leave there book there, not the sofa.

Please if you have any specific questions for your awkward space feel free to email.

* the lovely pictures can be found on Design*Sponge in sneak peeks

June 5, 2008

Goodbye Yves

Most of you have heard that Iconic Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent passed away on Sunday June 1st at the age of 71.  He was laid to rest today near the Louvre in Paris at St. Roch Church.  He had been fighting brain cancer for a year and passed in his Paris home.  Everyone in the fashion world, and admirers of it are feeling the loss of this beautiful mind.  

He won his first fashion design award at 17 and soon worked for Christian Dior when Yves was 21 Christian died leaving Yves as the head of the Dior house.  Five years later he opened his own fashion house with his business partner Pierre Berge.  "Chanel gave women freedom," and Saint Laurent "gave them power", Berge said earlier this week.

Over 1000 friends and admirers showed up for Yves’ furneral.  There were designers and celebrities coming from everywhere to say goodbye to an era, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Kenzo, Claudia Schiffer, Christian Lacroix, and many more.

Yves Saint Laurent is responsible for many iconic looks that we adopt today.  Menswear for women, the women's tuxedo, the all-in-black beatnik look, the fashionable tall flat boot and many more.  He focused on equalization of the sexes.  I love a sweet little dress now and then, along with a power suit.

June 4, 2008

How To: Induce fear before saying a word

Giving you a “how to” on adopting the classic persona.

I understand that it is important to be a strong woman, but do you really need to scare people?  Examples for this classic persona can be found in so many places, old and new.  As we see clearly in Cruella De Vil Disney’s classic “101 Dalmatians” that eye brows are crucial.  Good style is also intimidating as we see on Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada”  The right shoes and structure can show superiority.

Another fictional character, or rather another “cartoon” is The Queen in “Snow White” although there is nothing animated about her.  She again emphasizes the importance of a strong brow, and a killer wardrobe.  However nothing says scary like holding a heart in a box!  

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing Eve Harrington in “All About Eve” has that down.  even though shemay not look evil like the Queen, she has some obvious traits that she uses to her full advantage.  She takes care of her appearance, she is pretty (a weapon in every woman’s arsenal, wether you use it or not).  She like Miranda Priestly, is stylish and pulled together.  One last thing that strikes fear is the power to be pale and pasty,  none of our ladies here have a tan, becaushow can you be scary with a beautiful tan?

Mrs Danvers in “Rebecca” could teach us a few things about the strong silent type.  Neat and prim, hair up tight seems to also be a common thread.  

I think all the ladies can agree that you need to be strong and confidant.  The traits that these classic personas have are desirable.  You want to be pretty, have nice eyebrows, a killer wardrobe, be put together, and authoritative when need be, but be careful because when all of these powers are combined it can defiantly induce fear.  If you’re missing any of these traits or you just want to be extra scary just slap on a German accent!

June 2, 2008

Sex and the City

Everyone and their mothers are blogging about Sex and the City or odes to it.  I want to say a couple of things about it too.  Let me first say that I went to see it opening day with my boyfriend and his friends.  We sat in the third row.  The reason I never go and see shows opening day anymore, its not worth it.  At least $10 a ticket, hoards of estrogen and bad shoes, and even worse seats packed into one room.  Not worth it.

The movie I thought was good.  Don’t get me started with those dresses!  Cute and I think it lived up to the fan hype.  I do have a few problems with it though, and don’t worry, no spoilers.

1.  All the name dropping

           Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Doir, Vera Wang, the list goes on...  I think that if something is truly fabulous, you shouldn’t have to name it, its not a commercial, its  movie.  There were some beautiful clothes but love them for the cut, color, and texture, not the name.  Its lame, and doesn’t show much taste, just that you are able to buy a label. 

2.  Hair dying       

 I get why, but it sure makes the acting much easier when you can just dye your hair to portray your feelings.

3.  Samantha’s “happy” ending

These where my biggest problems with the movie.  If you are not a fan you will still enjoy it, just be prepared for a lot of skin, Samantha style.

If you still have the “City” bug then check out these other blogs and sites that have it too!

Coveiter, Bag Borrow or Steal get out of “city” free card

Have fun!

June 1, 2008

The graphic pillow

Last time I decorated my apartment, I found a universal truth: Pillows are expensive.  Small and filled with poly, = $60  try to go to Target and they’re still $20, try to get a label or fancy stitching and up and up.  If you just needed one that would be one thing, but you need at least two or four! (pillows are one of the few decor items where the rule of thumb is evens most other items you want in ones or threes)  If you are on a budget then there it goes, up just spent it on pillows.  If you’re not on a budget then forget what I just said, and lets talk.

I found this on Etsy.  For those of you that are thinking Etswwwhat, its an online craft show, a place to buy and sell all things handmade.

At Olive’s Shop I found a graphic tee shirt pillow, fun idea for a kids or teen’s room.  I always want to support the entrepreneurs who want to share their ideas, so if you love one of her creations then buy it, it s good price for a handmade one-of-a-kind pillow!  If you are feeling a little crafty I suggest taking that tee of yours that you won’t get rid of, and you won’t wear and making it into a pillow.  It won’t be as pretty as Olive’s but it will help you clear out your closet!  In the next week or so I will be taking my own advice, to loose a couple tees and gain a couple pillows!  I’ll also be posting step be step instructions.  But remember to think before you act.  Will this actually match with my decor, or am I just wasting time?  I do encourage doing, but not wasting.  Please take the time to check out Olive’s Shop, to buy and bask in her lovely things.

Fashion pet peeves

These “pet peeves” are also fashion “don’ts”, that people DO!  If you are somewhere in this list, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re a lovely person, its just a sign that you should give me a call.  I want you to look, and be fabulous!

1. Short pants.

        Not every pair of pants can be worn with every pair of shoes, especially if you are one of those magical women that can wear high heels -which will lead me to my next peeve. Anyways, when you buy pants, bring the shoes/heel hight you will usually wear with them.  If i buy a pair of jeans and usually wear flats with them then I can’t wear anything over a kitten heel (which is a tiny heel of about 3/4 inch.  If you wear these “high waters” then you will look shorter and not very put together.  So for the love of Pete, have pants for flats and pants for heals, too long or too short will be sloppy, DON’T ROLL THEM UP to “hem” them, most large stores will do free hems for you, if they don’t its time to find a good tailor, you’ll thank me later.

2.  Can’t walk? 

        If you CAN’T WALK IN HIGH HEELS, THEN DON’T WEAR THEM.  I love high heels but most of the time I have to practice at home before wearing them in public.  A good 2 1/2 inch heel is a good practical height for most women, don’t give up and just wear your tennis shoes.  Remember: heel, toe, and point your toes forward, don’t look like a duck.  My mother drove me insane saying that, and it felt unnatural for a while but now I walk properly and my steps look like a million bucks.

3.  A little too much thigh...

        With leggings running ramped, remember they are not pants.  Thick ones let you wear shorter skirts but I can still see your legs, and unfortunately, sometimes your underwear.  Buy one size larger than you think you need so you don’t have to worry the opacity failing you.  Also be aware of your size, be honest, not a lot of people can wear this look well, are you one of them?  Remember, and this goes for all trends, if you can’t wear the trend very well (trends are often the hardest to pull off) then don’t, you will end up looking like a cookie cutter fool, rather than the fashion trendster you want to.  Tough love.

4.  Bras, and wearing them!

        First, wear a bra.  Probably 1 out of 100 women look good without one, and that is a generous estimate.  If you are not sure if you are the 1 in 100 then just wear a bra.  Consider these points: A or AA,  perky, young, athletic, and not weird (you know what I mean).  you should fit in all of these categories, or wear a bra.  And make sure to be fitted properly, no super padded push-ups, and no hot pink and gold mega bra stores *wink*wink* the fits are weird and not practical.  By all means, get a fun color, instead of nude, get light pink, yellow, or baby blue!  Be prepared to spend at least $50 get a sales girl in the fitting room to educate you on the right fit, and use your words, say what you like, and don’t like.  I’ve been on the other end of these fittings many times, the women who help you care and want you to come back to them for another great fit.  If you wear a bra everyday then toss it after 6 months at the longest.  Try three bras at least, one light, one dark, and one a little more fun.

Straps or bra showing.  It looks slutty PEROID. I don’t care if you’re 13 or Carrie Bradshaw.  solutions to your dilemma could be wearing a little jacket or something, wearing an actual tank with  wide straps, nothing see through, and if you can see your bra after your shirt is on, anywhere, then try double tanking it or some other layering technique.  Have you heard of lingerie straps?  Some pieces have them already sewn in.  They are tiny little straps with a snap on one end at the top of a tank style top.  You snap your bra strap in to place so it can’t slip off your shoulder.

So remember, when in doubt, wear a bra.  If you’re still not sure ask the lovely sales woman who helps you in your next lingerie purchase.

More to come.  I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.  Please if you have any question on anything I’ve said please e-mail me (I don’t charge per e-mail : )

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