May 27, 2008

Patience is a virtue

Re-decorating uses enough of your patience, without having to wait for delivery dates to come, hoping the  measurements are right, the colors are right, and do I really like this in here?  When I was younger, I was redoing a room in my parent’s house.  Everything was ready to be set, but I was waiting on the wallpaper.  first the order didn’t go through, then re-order, then back-order, then finally, forget it.  I started painting.  It was a black and white room with toile, circus stripes, and crisp white lines.  I started to paint a mural off a book cover I liked.  After taking is easy over three months it was finished at 7 feet tall and 14 feet wide.  I am happy that in that instance my patience had ran out.  Now that room is personal and one of a kind.  Take that into consideration before you call me for some decor restore.  We’ll add your personal touch, and make it your favorite room in the house.

Across the top half, working my way down.  (ignore the bedpost, and post-it note!)
Close up of the center waterfall in progress

Complete!!!  there is about 5 more feet to the left, and 3 more of the mural to the right of the photo.

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