May 30, 2008

Oatmeal, milk, and honey, Oh my!

No, not for breakfast, its for your face.  I am a big fan of home remedies for a few reasons.  One, I know exactly what is going on my face, its cheap, and most are gentile enough to use whenever.  I chose to focus on whiter teeth, brighter skin, and clearer eyes.  The three I will be giving you today are ones I uses often, and are my favorites, once you try them I’m sure you’ll know why.

this order works well if you have enough time to do it through.  It should take about 30 mins from prep to finish

Whiter Teeth

most effective: Baking Soda

most delicious: Strawberries (thats right, they do have whitening properties)

For baking soda put about a Tablespoon on a small flat dish and pour about 1/4 tablespoon of water on the baking soda and mix into a thick paste. when finished mixing gently brush your teeth for a couple mins in circles going over each tooth a few times.  Try to keep your lips and cheeks from wiping off the baking soda paste.  

When you’re finished rinse with water, and to get the bad taste out of your mouth have some lemon juice.

If you want to use strawberries instead of baking soda, mash a couple up into a paste and follow the rest of the instructions above.

Brighter Skin

Using dry oats and honey

Splash some water on your face then rub gently with oats as an exfoliant

 for about 5-10 mins depending on skin texture.  you may need to moisten 

your fingers every couple mins.  Its not rocket science, if you think you have 

dry flakey skin apply more, if your skin is usually nice then apply less.  they 

key is letting it get to a nice paste while rubbing, but once it looses all its grit, 

its time to rinse off your fingers and apply some more dry oats.

Clearer eyes

Using cold milk and cotton balls

This is going to be the hardest one for a lot of you because it takes the longest amount of time... 15 mins.  In the grand scheme of things, thats nothing, but for all you moms of four crazy kids or women tripping over each other on the corporate ladder, 15 mins could be all the free time 

in the world.  

This will sooth puffy eyes and make the whites whiter!  Lay down, and get 

about a cup of cold milk, soak the cotton ball in the milk and ring out slightly 

for no drips.  Lay the cool cotton ball on your closed eyelid, and relax.  Replace cotton ball when it starts to warm up, repeat for 15 mins.

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